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Lonnie Walker IV, the freshman guard from Miami projected to be taken in the middle of the first round of June’s NBA draft (he goes 16th to the Phoenix Suns in our most recent mock), just blew Kyrie Irving’s “the Earth is flat” theory out of the water.

During a draft combine interview that aired on ESPN recently, Walker — a noted Animal Planet and Discovery Channel enthusiast — was asked to bless the hosts with “some knowledge.” 

He rattled off a couple of facts, such as the size of a tiger’s paw (it’s big), before being asked about Irving’s theory.

“The Earth is not flat, in my opinion,” Walker said. “But the Earth, on my conspiracy, the Earth is definitely an illusion. That’s my conspiracy.” 

We’re not here to engage in scientific debates about perception vs. reality, but it’s worth noting that scientists reported last year that the universe could, in fact, be nothing more than a “vast and complex hologram.”

“When you talk about facts and things of that nature,” Walker said, “it’s amazing to me that we’ve discovered so much about this world, yet we don’t know anything about this world.”

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